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When it comes to your work and life, Sam can help you in a whole range of ways.

Enable Life are business protection specialists. A unique insurance broker firm, unlike any other.

About me

Enable Life is based on common respect and a desire to genuinely assist, your business, your directors, your employees and their families.

Enable Life was founded out of a very personal experience of our Founding Director & Business Protection Specialist, Sam Hallett.

Our founder, Sam, truly understands, she has gone through family and life circumstances and knows first-hand how difficult it can be when you don’t have an expert by your side to offer the genuine support you need.

Everyone’s Life Is A Journey

As a former CIMA Accountant, Sam provides years of experience and knowledge in the field. With her vast experience, Sam is able to provide clients with practical solutions that are grounded in reality.

In addition to her experience as a CIMA accountant, Sam has also worked extensively with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), providing guidance on compliance with regulations and assisting with business growth.

Sam understands the significance of this from a personal standpoint, since she had gone through her own journey with her parents and experiencing it first-hand. This is why she developed Enable Future for Wills & Estate Planning.

Encompassing both Enable Life & Enable Future, Sam works with you to help enable your life and future to continue.

Sam Hallett

You Can Count On Us

When it comes to your company, Enable Life can assist you in gaining the control you require.

Sam knows the importance of your business and life, as a business protection specialist. Alongside her expertise, having a well-defined plan to protect your company is the most effective approach to do so.

Enable Life ensures to cover all the vital elements of your business and provides you with the financial peace of mind you’ve been searching for.

Enable Future offers the additional layer of protection on your life & health insurance with Wills & Estate planning. This means your family is taken care of financially should the worst happen to you.

Sam is here to help with your life and health insurance needs for your today, and for your future

With Sam's extensive knowledge and honest, transparent working practices, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.


Life and Health Insurance Specialists for your Business

When it comes to your business, Enable Life can help you get the control you need.


Estate Planning
Enable Future

Enable Future can help you, not only for today but for your future too.

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