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Enable Life is a unique insurance broker firm, unlike any other.

Enable Life is based on common respect and a desire to genuinely assist, not just yourself, but also your family, your business, and your employees.

Enable Life was founded out of a very personal experience of our Founding Director & Business Protection Specialist, Sam Hallett.

Founder, Sam, truly understands, she has gone through family and life circumstances and knows first-hand how difficult it can be when you don’t have an expert by your side to offer the genuine support you need.

Everyone’s Life Is A Journey

As a former CIMA Accountant, Sam provides years of experience and knowledge in the field. With her vast experience, Sam is able to provide clients with practical solutions that are grounded in reality.

In addition to her experience as a CIMA accountant, Sam has also worked extensively with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), providing guidance on compliance with regulations and assisting with business growth.

However, through Sam’s story, she comes to realise that she is not indestructible & in November 2013, Sam began to experience persistent tiredness, memory loss, and reliance on willpower. The doctor told her these words in January 2014: “We believe you have Chronic Fatigue.”

Sam was an in-demand project manager at the time, so she was well compensated. With enough money saved up to last several years, Sam chose to leave the corporate world and focus on the most important aspect of all, her health.

When she heard about income protection, her stomach dropped. If she’d taken out a policy during her peak earning years, it would have paid her a portion of her earnings until the state Pension age. This was a terrible blow. She not only had to generate income again, but she also needed to replenish her savings

She realised that if she had this policy, her life would be very different today and that the time she spent healing could have been 100% dedicated to her health and wellbeing rather than where the money will come from when it runs out.

But thankfully, since leaving the corporate world, Sam has been sharing her story in order to help others who may be facing similar challenges and created the solution, which is Enable Life.

Amazingly, Sam was presented with the opportunities within this sector, and never took the opportunity. Although, with her life experiences, she knew it was the direction she needed to take, to make the change this sector critically needed.

Unfortunately, Sam’s story is not uncommon, but now, Enable Life has created a solution that will provide people with the peace of mind that they are taken care of, should the unexpected happen. Alongside Enable Future, which services individuals with their wills & estate planning.

“I help you to enable your life, and enable your future to continue too”

Here I Am Today

Motivated to help others avoid fate or worse, I trained as a Protection Specialist and began Enable Life to provide Business Protection throughout the UK.

Because of my Financial background, I understand how to structure policies to be tax-efficient and account for the needs of a business, its owners and employees. I also understand from professional experience how stressful things become when the unthinkable happens, and how important it is to make sure there is enough cash to meet everyone’s needs to keep the cash flow demands of a business

I pride myself in using simple language to make sure you have the right level of cover and understand exactly what you have in place and how to access it should you need to. When working with you, my first step is to undertake a full life analysis and listen to your concerns so i can recommend a bespoke solution to meet your unique needs.

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When it comes to your business, Sam can help you get the control you need.

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