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Death & Taxes

They say there are two certainties in life – death and taxes. As an accountant, talking about tax is a part of your everyday life. Talking about death, however, may not be. Why is that important to you? Because, when considering that inevitable day, your clients want to know they are leaving their families in the best financial health and this means paying as little tax as legally possible.

What’s important to your clients?

When it comes to making important decisions, your clients want to know they are in the best hands, and that’s why they’ve chosen you as their accountant. They’ve entrusted their finances to you and are looking for the very best service and recommendations. And that’s why we would like to partner with you.

At Enable Life we like to keep things simple. Things quickly become complex when you have different names for different policies and circumstances.

We break it down into 4 areas:

  • Life Insurance Terminal Illness or death
  • Critical Illness Insurance Diagnosed with a named condition (the key 3 are Cancer, Heart Attacks & Strokes)
  • Income Protection Incapacitated to work due to accident or sickness
  • Private Medical Insurance Access to private medical care, skipping NHS waiting lists.Enable Life Limited act as a credit broker not a lender for private medical insurance

Benefits of being a Trusted Partner with Enable Life

  • Enhance your relationship with your clients by providing a professional specialist service which can lead to tax savings.
  • Confidence and assurance, your clients are gaining quality expert Advice.
  • Full feedback and consultative approach between you and your clients for their insurance needs, so you can ensure they gain maximum tax Efficiency.
  • Working with your team of accountants to educate them on insurance basics so they know what to look for with your clients.

As your trusted partner, we’ll make sure your clients’ needs are fully taken care of. For more information visit our services page.

Next Steps

The best introduction is to offer your clients a free Insurance Review.

This would involve looking at their existing policies and current circumstances to make sure they are fully covered. At the end of the review, they will receive a summary highlighting any potential risks with their existing policies and have the opportunity to invite Enable Life to approach our panel of providers and advise on replacement or top up policies.

Most clients have some cover, however it’s not always sufficient. Often terms of policies are too short, the sum assured is not enough, and are not placed in trust (which means the pay-out may not go to the right person at the right time). We take into consideration all of these things before looking at the tax efficiencies.

All services are provided with no-obligation and are entirely free as we get paid for putting the right policy in place, which are right for that person and their situation. At the end of each stage, we offer each client a feedback form that we share with you, so you know your clients are in the best hands receiving the best advice. If at any point you have a question about your client’s policies and their tax implications, we are on hand to assist.

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