Awards - Businesswoman Named a Finalist in Women’s Recognition Awards

Awards – Businesswoman Named a Finalist in Women’s Recognition Awards

Sam Hallett ACMA, Founding Director and Business Protection Specialist of Enable Life has made it through to the finals in the Protection Adviser of the Year category in a national and highly prestigious financial services award.

“I am beyond delighted to have received an email from the awards organisers saying that I’d made the finals in the Protection Adviser of the Year category in the 2020 Financial Reporter Women’s Recognition Awards. I was speechless when I heard the news and am very, very proud. These awards are particularly significant in the financial services community and I’m honoured to have made the finals.

“I think a big part of why our nomination made the finals is because of the work I’ve been doing this year with accountants. Working closely with accountants feels natural to me and this year we’ve been speaking to them through a targeted marketing campaign using, primarily, LinkedIn. Accountants have trusted relationships with their clients and only want to refer to businesses and business people who they know will best be placed to assist them. I know from experience that my accountancy background gives me a significant advantage over other insurance specialists because I’ve got a deep understanding of taxation rules and where businesses can use these to their advantage to gain tax efficiencies. Referrals from accountants are great for me because their clients can see the value in protecting their business making for a more attentive audience when I visit or speak to them.  Being a conduit for my clients between their Business Protection needs and accounting of their Insurance works very well too as most give me permission to talk to their accountant. This ensures that their Insurance policies are accounted for in the most tax efficient way and their accountant can make any adjustments to accommodate this in advance.”

Sam established Enable Life, a specialist insurance broker, in April 2019 after recovering from a chronic illness which forced her to resign from her previous corporate role and live off her savings as she had no insurance protection in place to assist her. Adds Sam, “Health and wellbeing, including financial wellbeing, is now an absolute passion of mine. My story is far from unusual and with my company I want to help our clients avoid the mistakes I made and protect themselves, their businesses, employees and families.”

Amy Loddington from the awards said, “I am absolutely thrilled to have been the one to break the news to Sam that she’s made our finals in our Protection Adviser of the Year category. This year we had a huge number of applicants and Sam’s place as a finalist is richly deserved. I would like to congratulate Sam for standing out amongst the many brilliant nominations we had.”

Sam will find out if she’ll be crowned Protection Adviser of the Year on the 27th August.