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Businesswoman Named a Finalist in (2 categories) Institute of Directors (IoD) Awards

Sam Hallett, Founding Director and Business Protection Specialist of Enable Life and Founding Director of Enable Future has made it through to the finals in 2 awards for Start-up (Enable Life) and Innovation (Enable Life & Enable Future) categories for Director of the year in the national and highly prestigious Institute of Directors awards.

“I am beyond delighted to have received an email from the awards organisers saying that I’d made the finals in the both Start-up and Innovation categories as Director of the year in the 2020 Institute of Directors Awards, I am very proud with this achievement.  These awards are particularly significant to be known for running a successful business in the East Midlands and I’m honoured to have made the finals.”

Sam established Enable Life, a specialist insurance broker, in April 2019 after recovering from a suspected chronic illness which lead to her to resigning from her previous corporate role and live off her savings as she had no insurance protection in place to assist her.  Adds Sam, “Health and wellbeing, including financial wellbeing, is now an absolute passion of mine.  My story is far from unusual and with my company I want to help our clients avoid the mistakes I made and protect themselves, their businesses, employees and families.”  In April 2020 Enable Future was incorporated as there has been a growing need to provide a quality service to clients at the same level as Enable Life, after meeting the right person to work with and the availability of online courses there was nothing holding Sam back.

Ceri Grace from the IoD said, “The year 2020 will go down as one of unprecedented challenge and change, with directors like you drawing on all of their talent and resilience to support staff, collaborate and innovate. The quality of the awards entries this year was very high, so making the shortlist is a great achievement. Congratulations!”

Sam will find out if she’ll be crowned Director of the Year for Start-up and Director of Year for Innovation on Thursday 12th November.

Editors Notes:

Enable Life was founded out of the very personal experience of our Founding Director and Business Protection Specialist, Sam Hallett.

Sam, like many, thought she was indestructible and her body would just keep going no matter what.  In November 2013 Sam started to feel consistent tiredness, memory loss and was living on sheer willpower.  In January 2014 her doctor said these words to her, “We think you may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”.

Sam made the decision to resign from her job in the corporate world to focus on her health.  The only option she had was to live on her savings (most people don’t have savings to fall back on).  Sam had a little income from a residual part-time business, her savings were going down each month and the projection was getting shorter and shorter as to when her money would run out.

Health and Wellbeing is now a passion of Sam’s with Financial Wellbeing very much at the forefront.  Being an ex-accountant this is where Sam found a natural transition into Life & Health Protection.

Sam’s story is not unusual.  We all know people who have been chronically or critically ill but now you know of a company and a woman who can help you avoid the same mistake she made.

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