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Getting Marketing Ready

We want it and we need it…but how do we do it?  Is the question I always ask myself when it comes to marketing.  For some of us it’s not our forte or strength, recognising our strengths  and getting a professional onboard for the stuff we’re not good at is the best thing anyone can do.

The foundation of a business when it comes to marketing presents in the is day an age is a website.  It’s the go to place we all go when we want to check out what someone does, the products they sell and learn more about the people and the company.  Getting the right people to build you your marketing foundation can be an absolute minefield…I know I’ve been there before.  When setting up Enable Life it was much easier second time around and even better that my branding agency has partnered with website experts.

Finding the words when you are so close to the content and expertise can be challenging to express it in a way that’s simple and effective.  It’s a journey of discovery, you remember things you forget and learn new things on how you can position and market your business.

The most rewarding element on setting up my website was gaining testimonials from my clients, actually understanding how my work impacts their lives is insightful.  This can cover so many different elements including:

  • The simple things can have the biggest impact
  • Keeping people informed is something they appreciate
  • Feeling more confident in knowing what their cover is
  • Planning future finances with monthly budgeting
  • Connecting clients with other professionals who’s services they value and know they have the ability to do something rather than can’t
  • What products others aren’t talking about and you are

When it comes to social media we all have a nose around other’s profiles or pages, post on what we are doing and where we are going.  When it comes to marketing on these platforms there are different rules right?

The rules may change with what you post, when you post it, being consistent and creating the right message, however; the most important thing I feel is to keep it authentic, be who you are at all times and not to be someone else…or a false you. 

I want to keep my business and personal life separate on social media, why?  Because I don’t want my friends to feel they are being marketed to.  They maybe my ideal client or targeted audience, however I respect them enough to know that social media time means social not business.  There maybe an occasional share of something or mention every now and then when I’m feeling compelled to share, however: not as my main social media strategy.

As for which platforms to use, I know where my audience are hanging out, so that’s where I will inform, educate and inspire.  There’s no point in going to the local restaurant for a takeaway is there?…

The type of marketing I love is networking, you get to speak to people in person, learn about them and build a relationship much easier and quicker.  When I’m out networking, I make it my mission to get to know the person rather than asking the typical questions ‘so what do you do’?  When people ask me this I don’t want to answer, however; I do and usually say “I talk about death, cancer and heart attacks everyday”, I am the cheery one aren’t I… 

Another rule I have is not to give anyone a business card unless they ask for it and not until I’ve had a conversation with them.  Some people find this a bit strange, however there are many people who just love to collect cards without a meaningful conversation (and usually add you to their data base)…I bet if their card had a fiver stuck to the other side they wouldn’t be giving them away like smarties would they?

When out networking I am me through and through, when I connect with people and we start to do business together this continues, there are no changes in how I interact.  I remember one lady saying to me, “Sam I couldn’t remember what you did, I do remember how you made me feel, I felt so comfortable in your presence and gelled with you”.  Now that’s great feedback…

My clients get the real me at all times, no heirs, no graces, great education, great advice by thinking differently.    

I look forward to you joining Enable Life on this journey, with you, for you.