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Setting Up Enable Life

We all have those moments of realisation, ‘what if I did this for me?’.  Most of us think of it…however how many of us take action?

When something comes at a time when you least expect it you have less time to think about it as we tend to be in ‘flight or fight’ mode.  After the suspected diagnosis of a Chronic illness there have been a few times this has happened…so it wasn’t such an unfamiliar territory to be in.  As always, I decided to move forward and Enable Life was the outcome.

There is always a ‘Why’ in everything we do and why Enable Life?

My story encapsulates the ‘it won’t happen to me’ scenario when we talk about Life Insurance; which is heard in this industry so many times.  I can say ‘it happened to me’.  This is why I now help and advise others on something I can only wish I had understood in a simple way.

I wanted to deliver something different to most other insurance brokers or agents, how do you differentiate in a market that is seen to be so uniform?  The difference starts with the values, culture and processes of a business.  With this in mind I set upon sketching out what I wanted these to look like. 

  • Values – these are very personal to me and something I live each day by. 
    • Authenticity – If you are not being authentic then who are you?  Being authentic can cover so many other values, first of all knowing that it’s the right thing to do being intuitive, considerate, grateful, honest, mindful and thoughtful to mention a few.
    • Supportive – Saying ‘I’m here for you’ are 4 powerful words.  When we reach out to others these 4 words can be more powerful than ‘I Love You’.  Knowing someone is there in a nurturing, patient,  positive, reliable and structured way is everything.
    • Inspiring –“ Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can”.  It may start with a story or having traits which make you who you are, confident, driven, knowledgeable or successful.  I’m inspired by my clients and their stories every day.
  • Culture – ‘how we do things around here’ is encapsulated by our values and when everyone is congruent with these values it can create the most incredible and powerful culture that others are drawn towards and want to be a part of.  Our reputation and branding is something which been seen and heard about when you don’t even know who’s behind it.  This is what our clients will buy into before they have even spoken to or met one of our advisors.
  • Processes – are the practicalities which we live by to succeed.  Having a simple and structured way of doing things in business benefits not only the business owner and employees, it benefits the clients.  Our clients are clear on what to expect, what happens next and what’s the outcome, so they have confidence in what we do.

Delivering to a sector which is barely recognised is something with my accountancy background in my opinion is a ‘no brainer’.  When I read in a survey performed by one of the leading UK providers that the majority of Businesses/Business Owners didn’t know they could insure their Shareholding or Key People against an untimely death or critical illness it inspired me. 

Providing solutions to Business Owners and Directors is something I’m passionate about…why?  Because the impact is not only on the people you speak to; it’s also impacting on their families who (in most occasions) have sacrificed time with loved ones for them to build a business; it’s also impacting on the employees and their families to enable the business to continue to trade. 

I’m so pleased and excited to launch Enable Life now with a vision far beyond what I expected when I made the fight of flight decision.  Putting our clients needs at the forefront to build solid foundations for something quite special.

I look forward to you joining Enable Life on this journey, with you, for you.