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Small Business Stories with Sam Hallett

Sam Hallett is the Founding Director and Business Protection Specialist at Enable Life, an insurance broker firm offering services to individuals, self-employed and businesses. After battling with chronic illness, Sam has found a passion in health and wellbeing, with financial wellbeing at the forefront. Being an ex-accountant, this is where Sam found a natural transition into life & health protection.

Chronic Health Issues – A Step Towards Starting a Business

Sam Hallett was diagnosed several years ago with chronic fatigue, which made her take a break from work, and live on savings for 18 months. Going through that experience, she started thinking about health insurance and how she could help other people in similar situations.

“My life changed overnight. I was taking time off work and started looking into life and health insurance. I understood that I didn’t have the right life insurance in place, and it solidified the thought that I can help so many people not be in the same situation that I ended up being in. Most people have life insurance that covers critical illness, but it doesn’t cover suspected chronic illnesses where you’re incapacitated to work, the way income protection does. And I just wasn’t aware of it at that time.”

Guiding People Through an Unknown Industry

Having her own business enabled Sam to make decisions on how she wants to educate and guide her clients in the area of life and health protection.

“The biggest benefit is that I can and drive the business and drive my client base forward in the way that I want to, without any compromises. It’s the branding that really does it for me, in the fact that it’s been written about my essence and authenticity, and wanting to help people. We are guiding people through this journey because it’s a very unknown industry and nobody really knows what’s the right way or wrong way to go about it. But from my perspective, I just like to help educate my clients so they can make the informed decisions,” says Sam. 

Lockdown as a Glimpse Into the Life with Chronic Illness

Sam believes that the lockdown has given people an opportunity to slow down and perhaps to experience what everyday life of someone with chronic illness can look like.

“Before 2020, I already had my own personal lockdown in 2014, when I was literally debilitated of doing pretty much anything. It’s like seeing people in a movie, and everybody’s going 100 miles per hour, and you’re in slow motion. That’s how it feels when you are going through something chronic. There are so many people that live that day by day. So when it comes to the lockdown, it feels good for people in that situation that everybody else is slowing down as well, and that you’re not feeling as much pressure. It gives an insight in some respect to everybody who hasn’t experienced any sort of chronic illness, that some people’s lives are like that all the time, and they can’t go out.”

The Learning Curve with Social Media

Describing herself as an introvert, Sam reveals that the biggest challenge in her business has been the fact that she doesn’t really use social media.

“I’ve only recently started to get into social media. I’m going to put more out there because it’s all about education for me. LinkedIn and Facebook are the only two platforms I use, and I like more than I post, because I don’t need people to know what I’m doing every minute of the day. I don’t feel social media shows the true light of everything, and sometimes you have to cut through all the noise. So it’s been a slower process for me to understand how I want to move forward with social media for my business. Probably the biggest challenge from my perspective is how do you put educational posts out there without being salesy. I want to educate people, so they can make informed decisions about whether they come and work with us.”

Setting Realistic Goals

Sam has recently started an additional business called Enable Future, an estate planning service that helps people with making a will, power of attorney and trusts. This is what she says about her goals.

“I’ve got a five year goal to make my monthly fixed costs in my business come from residual income. That’s not a huge goal, but it’s helped by setting up a secondary business during the lockdown, called Enable Future, which is about wills and estate planning. I don’t want to be the expert, I want to steer the ship, because I’ve got that knowledge and experience. Also, sitting in front of my clients, I found that only 30-40% of people have wills, and none of them have the power of attorneys, which is so important these days. That’s why I wanted to get that moving now, rather than next year. Whereas some of the financials have come down, there’s been a positive acceleration on creating more services for my clients,” Sam concludes. 

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