Testimonial Category: Executive Income Protection

Having a summary email after the protection is put in place on how to categorise in our accounting software is really helpful. With Sam’s accountancy background I know this is just what our own accountant needs to ensure we get tax efficiency for the business and employees.

Naomi Johnson | Enable Life

Naomi Johnson

Highly recommend her as a consultant! She is full of enthusiasm and energy and is a delight to work with.

Rob Hattersley

Sam really understands my business; by providing annual reviews I know I have everything I need covered.  I also understand what the business doesn’t need so we are not over insured as Sam has provided rational for all products/services she offers.

Susan Wilmot Rowe

Sam’s passion for protection is forefront of everything she does, she was very understanding of my time scales and worked with me and my business budget to understand how best I could protect my income if I was unable to work in the future.