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I am extremely happy with the services provided by Sam Hallett at Enable Life. Sam was generous with her time throughout the whole process, patient to work around my availability which often was out of work hours as well as explaining things to me ﴾sometimes the same things more than once﴿ to ensure I fully understood my options. Working with Sam was more like having a trusted, knowledgeable friend guiding me along, ensuring I made the very best decisions for my circumstances ‐ and working with someone who wanted to make sure that I got the very best outcome.


I was most impressed by the depth of research carried out by Sam at Enable Life, including detailed fact finds ‐ to ensure that I would get the very best products for my circumstances and within my budget. Sam didn’t just recommend, she went through all the background options date ‐which was quick complex at times ‐ and took the trouble to explain things fully to me about the product options. I came away with no doubt that Sam’s recommendations were fully backed robust analysis of the right insurance products tailored to my specific circumstances and felt very confident in the recommendations that Sam provided and confident that I could make the right selection of products based upon the guidance and support Sam had provided.

Gill Phillips

Sam has been so attentive with my policies. Not only was she really creative to put the right package together, but her attention to deal and support is second to none. With Sam you’ll know she’ll be proactive and by your side long after your policy is set up and ticking by. Highly recommend her as a consultant! She is full of enthusiasm and energy and is a delight to work with.

Naomi Johnson

We would absolutely give Sam Hallett 5 stars. We really had been meaning to sort a few things out that she was able to cover in one meeting. We now have a plan in place and all very simple to understand.

Debbie Goodlip

Sam reviewed my existing policy to my current circumstance and I found out I was not sufficiently covered. The way Sam explained it was simple and presented me options clearly for me to understand. Every step of the way Sam kept me informed and worked at my pace. I felt very comfortable with the way Sam has advised me, given me options and also respected my budget. I now have more cover in place than before, for a premium I am happy with. I would highly recommend Sam as she really listened to my needs and translated this into something I understood – no jargon used. I now have full peace of mind for me and my daughter, thank you.

Angie Simmons

Sam makes you feel comfortable and easy to understand the types of cover and quotes.  I found the process informative, though and time efficient.  The quotes suited my needs and summarised in a simple way.  Sam kept me informed every step of the way which gave me confidence in my solution was bespoke for me and has given me peace of mind.  Thank you.

Teresa Zbozen

“Sam is super-passionate about what she does and goes above and beyond to make sure she offers the best possible solution to her clients,

Sam met with me at my convenience, got everything moving quickly and gave me a gentle push when there were things that I needed to do at my end but was never pushy, aggressive and never hounded me..

Sam listens to what you are looking for and shapes the package to your individual needs ensuring you are fully covered but also that you are getting value for money with no hidden extras that are not needed.

My life insurance was a mess until I got Sam to look at it but now I am confident that I am covered for exactly what I need.”

Wendy Mitchell

“Great work from Sam, always easy to talk to and very informed about the products, highly recommend.”

Mick Johnson

“Sam was extremely helpful as we were not such a straight-forward plan to pull together. With issues surrounding medical, Sam worked out the best possible scenarios which offered us options. Sam is knowledgeable and when there was a query she was not sure of she made sure to get the answers and then communicated this back as soon as.

It was a pleasure to work with Sam and  it was comfortable and not a hard sell in any way. Thank you for your time and giving us peace of mind.”

Lynn Negus