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Life’s a Journey

Enable Life was founded out of a very personal experience of our Founding Director & Business Protection Specialist, Sam Hallett.

Sam, like many, thought she was indestructible and her body would just keep going no matter what. In November 2013, Sam started to feel consistent tiredness, memory loss and was living on sheer willpower. In January 2014, the doctor said these words to her, “We think you may have Chronic Fatigue”.

Sam made the decision to resign from the Corporate world to focus on her health. The only option she had was to live on her savings – most people don’t have savings to fall back on. Sam had little income from a residual part-time business, the savings were going down each month and the projection was getting shorter and shorter to when her money ran out.

Health and Wellbeing is now a passion of Sam’s and Financial Wellbeing is very much at the forefront. Being an ex-accountant, this is where Sam found a natural transition into Life & Health Protection.

Sam’s story is not unusual. We all know people who have been chronically or critically ill.

Here we are today

Sam felt that there was a huge opportunity to educate others on what’s available to help others ensure they have financial peace of mind if they lose their health.

Enable Life provides a team of Protection Specialists in both Business Protection and Personal Protection.

With Sam’s background as an Accountant, she understands from professional experience on how a lack of cash flow affects the running of business and the consequences on its employees.

At Enable Life we use simple language to take away as much complication as we can for our clients. Listening to our clients’ concerns and needs are important so that we can provide you with bespoke solutions to give you peace of mind.

Have a happy and healthy day

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